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My “Mami”

Mami is the word I used to call my Mum. Little did I realise that “Mami” is a Spanish word that means mummy. Some families use the word “mama” to call their Mums in Indonesia. This time, I will share one of my memorable experiences with my Mum when I first came to Melbourne as an international student in 1999.

My Mum and I landed at Melbourne International Airport in February 1999. At the airport, I was to be picked up by someone to bring me to where I would stay while studying in Melbourne. The education agent in Indonesia the transport from the airport to the place I would be staying in Melbourne City.

When we were at the airport, the other two male international students from Indonesia had similar pick-up arrangements. Somehow my Mum asked me to make friends with these two boys, which I was not keen to, though I guess it would be good since we did not know anybody in Melbourne. After talking to them, I found out that they were also going to study in Melbourne City but in a different college. I was going to Monash College, but they were going to RMIT University for foundation studies.

My Mum stayed in a nearby service apartment where I stayed for about one week to accompany me to settle down. We stayed in Saint Kilda, not too far from the beach. I was renting a room in a flat with another three other ladies (the owner and two other international students). The other student was also Indonesian and studied at the same college as me in Melbourne City.

I remembered how my Mum and I would go together to my college and wait for me until I finished school and went home together. She could not speak much English, but she was bold and courageous to be on her own just exploring in the city. It is one of the character traits that I admire her for even up to today.

My Mum bought me a lovely silver necklace from the jewellery shop with three pendants: a love heart, a cross, and an anchor. I was so touched when she bought me this necklace because this necklace reminds me of my faith, love and hope in the Lord. This was a blessing, and I thank God for her gift.

In that first week, her stay with me brought comfort and peace in this new and daunting place where I would begin my new journey. Today, not only did I graduate with my university degrees, but I am a successful & prosperous woman and a mum myself. I will never forget her generosity and kindness that I will continue to pass on to my children and others around me.

I would like to encourage you from

Proverbs 31:27-28 (ESV)
27 She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. 28 Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

Mums, you are needed by your children. You are their leader, comfort & peace in their journey of life. Be encouraged that you are worth more than anything else to your children. Enjoy the special day as mothers as your children celebrate you this month. Happy Mother’s Day!

Do you have a memorable experience with your Mum, grandmother, or someone special who looked after you when you grew up? Leave a comment and let me know.

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We appreciate your support and belief in this ministry. Until next time, let your light shine, and God bless you.


Minister, Teacher & Mentor

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